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How Wrecking An Old Car Helps the Environment

There is so much education and emphasis on caring for the environment these days, and the automotive world is no different. While car manufacturers are always trying to make their vehicles greener by improving emissions, auto wreckers also play a pivotal role by creating avenues for the recycling of cars and spare parts, rather than having them all just end up as landfill.

Imagine for a moment that if every broken down car, old vehicle or car, truck, bike, heavy machinery all just got dumped at the tip with no recycling process; either of the spare parts or the scrap metal. The environment would be overloaded with junk parts and rusting carcasses.

In addition, the more parts from cars that can be used again, the less new parts that have to be manufactured. This saves both the earth’s precious resources and metal reserves, as well as negating the need to produce more parts and thus add pollution to the atmosphere.

When you take your tired old car to the wreckers – or cars involved in accidents find a home at an auto wreckers – useful and popular parts are either stripped to be sold locally and overseas, or the cars are crushed and sold as scrap metal to be reused for other projects. This entire process is vital in helping to save our planet and preserve our natural resources and the environment.

At Underwood Wrecking We Care

While our primary business focus may be to wreck cars and sell spare parts, we also realise just how important our business can be in preserving the planet. For this reason we make every effort we can to reuse and recycle the cars, parts and vehicles that come to our premises.

If you have an old car to sell, we pay cash for cars. Need spare parts for your car? Drop in and see us or give us a call. We’ll find the parts you need. We even have some great second hand engines in working condition to suit popular car models.

Help us help the environment. Source quality second hand parts for your vehicle from us first and together we can all do our bit for our country and our planet.

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