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Got An Unwanted Car - Get It Removed For Free With Underwood Wrecking - Brisbane

Got An Unwanted Car – Get It Removed For Free With Underwood Wrecking

Do you have a broken down, or old and unwanted car taking up space in your driveway, yard or garage? Has it been sitting there collecting dust and rust for so long it’s become part of the furniture?

This is actually quite common. Someone has a car that no longer runs, but they don’t want to go to the hassle and expense of paying for someone to tow it away.

Maybe it’s even been parked on the street for so long that the local council or transport department have stuck stickers to the windows, telling you to have it removed or they’ll tow it away for you at some exorbitant expense?

But it doesn’t have to cost you a cent to have that old car removed, freeing up valuable space in the yard, garage, driveway, or getting rid of it from off the street.

Underwood Wrecking generally pay cash for cars that are in working order and are popular makes and models. In this case where the car no longer runs, we won’t pay cash, but if it has value in second hand spare parts and second hand engines, we will bring a tow truck to you home, load it up and take your car away at no cost to you.

While that may not be a lucrative deal in a sense, it definitely saves you money. After all, the old car was of no value to you and it’s just been sitting there getting in the way. If you had it towed to the wreckers yourself it would likely cost you hundreds of dollars.

Let Underwood Wrecking alleviate you from an expense on that old car that you just don’t need. If we deem it a popular make and model, if it has enough spare parts retail value, we will definitely come and get it and tow it away.

So, if you have an old, broken down car cluttering up your space at home, give us a call and tell us some details about the car:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Condition

Also, tell us whether the engine or transmission is in working order.

Let us remove that headache from your life. Get in touch today and arrange for Underwood Wrecking to tow your old car away. Your local auto wreckers, based in Underwood, Brisbane.

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