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Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Car Wrecking Company - Brisbane

Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Car Wrecking Company

When buying an old car or second hand spare parts from your local auto wreckers, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In this post we will cover the top 5 questions you should ask your car wrecking company the next time you call or drop in.

#1 – Do They Have the Part You Need?

This is a pretty obvious question, but one that begs to be in the top five. What’s important to remember here, is that even if your local wreckers doesn’t have the part you are looking for, these guys have vast networks all across the country. So if you are told they don’t have Part A, B or C, ask if they can locate it for you through another wrecking yard.

#2 – Are the Spare Parts Ready To Pick Up?

While auto wreckers will strip some spare parts from popular car makes and have them available on the shelves, this is generally a labour-intensive and time-consuming practice. The guys may spend days stripping parts off cars that no one wants to buy. First check that they have the part and if it’s already been stripped. If it’s still attached to a car on the lot, you will need to give them advance notice so the part is ready for you when you arrive to pick it up.

#3 – What Condition Are the Spare Parts In?

There is little point buying replacement parts for your car if they are in worse shape than the ones you have stripped off. Even if it’s an improvement, how much of an improvement? How long is the “new” second hand part going to last? You need to clarify this with the wreckers as best you can. Go down to the yard and check out the condition of the car the spare parts will be taken from to give you some idea.

#4 – Can You Extract the Parts Yourself?

Some auto wreckers will allow this practice while others won’t. Generally there is a spare parts removal fee attached to the price of the parts when the guys at the wreckers remove the parts for you. At times you can avoid this extra cost if you are willing to strip the spare parts off yourself. If money is tight, make sure to ask if you can take the parts off yourself as an option to save some coin on the fix.

#5 – Do They Have Cars For Sale?

You may not be seeking new parts or second hand spare parts, but an entire working car ready to drive away. Most wreckers will usually have a few working models available for purchase, as most will pay cash for cars. Chances are they will be unregistered and need some work done on them before you can get the car roadworthy, but if you are looking for a really cheap old car that actually works, then give your wreckers a call and see what they have.

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