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What to do when you want to sell your

Whether you want to upgrade, downgrade or you just feel like a change, we have a list of tips for you for when you are ready to sell your car.

  1. Figure out your car’s market value. This will help you to determine whether you have negative equity or not. You can give us a call on 07 3808 1006, tell us the details of your car, and we will give you an estimate that will give you an idea of the selling price of your car.
  2. If you don’t owe more than what your vehicle is worth, then selling your car is a great idea. Once you sell your car, you can use the profits to pay off the remainder of your loan and possibly have some left over for your next car. Underwood Wreckers in Brisbane buy cars, so why not come and see us?
  3. Buying a new car is a big purchase, so if there is something you want that your car doesn’t have you can possibly change it. If you don’t like its colour or the way it looks, you can get it resprayed or customised at a much lesser cost than a new car. If you are unhappy with its parts, you can get it replaced with new or second hand parts from Underwood Wrecking, Brisbane.

Underwood Wrecking a one-stop shop for all your car needs in Brisbane. We supply both new and second hand parts at the best prices. We also offer a 100% exchange warranty on all our products.

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