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Tried to fix your car on the cheap? How we can help get you back up and running

We all have been there. Unknowingly, in order to save a few bucks we end up taking our car to a cheap mechanic. By the time we realise that the job wasn’t well done it’s too late. First of all, we must always remember that the smartest way you can save your car repair money is by taking your car to a good quality, full service repair shop or a dealer’s service department and letting them do all the necessary work without interrupting them. This will prevent any kind of big repairs later, and thus, will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Here is how we can help you get your car running again:

  1. Once you realise that your car has broken down again, the next thing you must do is take it to a good mechanic. Do not take it to the same old cheap mechanic because you don’t want to have a back and forth trip again and again.
  2. Cheap mechanics tend to replace your car parts with cheap and poor quality parts. Try to identify those parts yourself or with the help of a mechanic and buy yourself good quality car parts. You can get quality new and second hand parts at Underwood Wrecking, Brisbane. If you need a part that we don’t have, we can source it for you in no time, often on the same day.
  3. When you need help regarding car parts or mechanism, communicate as effectively as possible. Try to mention details and explain the problems specifically. For example, if your car is making abnormal sounds, whether it is emitting any leaks or odour, when was the vehicle last taken for service etc.

So remember, you should never compromise with the service, repair or parts of your car. Get in touch with Underwood Wrecking, call 07 3808 1006 for mechanical advice, suggestions and supply of automotive parts.


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