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New Part vs Second-Hand Part: When is it important to buy new?

When your car starts making funny noises, or it comes to a grinding halt, you know it’s time for some repairs.

You have two options; replace them with new parts or replace them with used parts. Second hand parts give you the advantage of saving a lot of money as they are usually a fraction of the actual cost. Saving money is great, but you have to make sure that you don’t end up spending more money than you were trying to save.

When is it important to buy new?

  1. Water pump: The water pump is embedded underneath the engine. A rebuilt water pump poses a risk of getting broken because in order to get to the water pump, you’ll have to dismantle a lot of parts. For something as important as a water pump, you should always buy it brand new.
  2. Alternator: It is okay to buy a used or rebuilt alternator, but only one that is bought from a reputable company that will provide you a good quality product. If you are living in Brisbane, you can get good quality alternators at Underwood Wrecking at a very good price.
  3. Power steering pump: Most of the time remanufactured power steering pumps make a louder noise than the original ones, and sometimes they don’t even work well. It pays to getget a brand-new power steering pumps.
  4. Abs brake modulator: New brake modulators can cost up to $1500, but if you could get a new and guaranteed used one, it would cost only $300-$400. Get in touch with Underwood Wrecking to get a new or used brake modulator for your car.
  5. Air conditioning compressor: The parts of a modern air conditioning compressor are made of plastic, so when they break, it’s always better to get a new one. Remanufactured air conditioner compressors are poorly made and trying to fix them is a huge hassle.

Now you can make the right choice on whether to buy a used part or a new part next time your car part breaks. Get all the car parts that you need at Underwood Wrecking, Brisbane.

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