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Why You Should Not Discount Using Second Hand Parts - Brisbane

Why You Should Not Discount Using Second Hand Parts

When it comes to spare parts for cars, people often wrestle between trying to decide whether to spend extra money on new parts, or to go the budget route and purchase second hand parts. When purchasing new parts, you know you are getting quality and that the part has never been used, but saving money by going the second hand route is a better idea than some would think. In this post we’ll explain why second hand spare parts can be a better way to go.

Cost Effective

This is the most obvious advantage to going second hand when sourcing spare parts for your car or other motor vehicle. Doing the rounds of the auto wreckers is a sure way to find just the right parts at the best price. New car parts made by the manufacturer can be super expensive, and even after market new parts are costly.

Build Quality

It may sound rather strange to state that you possibly will get better quality spare parts buying second hand rather than new, but in certain cases it can be true. Even though the original second hand part has obviously been used before, if it’s in excellent condition, then it very well could be a better-quality option than a new part from the manufacturer or generic spare parts maker. Often original parts were built to a better build quality standard than after market spare parts.

Hard to Find Parts

This is one of the biggest advantages to the spare parts, second hand parts market. Older cars, or less common cars, can be much harder to source new parts for, therefore, the second hand parts market at the wreckers is definitely the best option for finding what you need. Most wrecking yards have a vast variety of cars on their lots. And even if they don’t have your part, your local auto wreckers can tap into the network and likely locate just what you need from somewhere else.

Good For the Environment

The more second hand parts that get used from places like auto wreckers, the less car parts that end up as landfill. There is a lot of emphasis in every industry these days on being kind to the environment, and buying second hand parts is just another small way we can all contribute to a greener tomorrow.

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